About Us

All The Startup Board founders have been entrepreneurs. Therefore, we understand it is not easy to traverse on an entrepreneurial journey. With this platform, we want to support the cause of entrepreneurship, and democratise the availability of mentors and investors even to Tier-2/3 cities and town. We want to instigate that correction to help you fail fast or succeed fast! Fail fast so that you do not consume too much resources and linger on even if there are no takers and succeed fast, so that you grow faster for products from India, for the world.


We have had our own ups and down in our business ventures. That made us think, others must be going through the same pain and challenges. CEO has worked with many Startup in an incubator and appreciated what they need. We could sense a pattern

The pattern was

Founders have innumerable challenges and they look up to people for advice. Some advice is biased, some costly while some other through personal connect. Not everyone has the same personal connects. Should they suffer or not embark upon entrepreneurial journey?
Founders spent close to 40% of their time in non-core activities. Sometimes they burn their time and money too, as first-time founders do not know how to negotiate or what terms generally are appropriate for vendors contracts. Can they get a helping hand through verified vendors on transparent terms?
Investments are what oils the growth of the business and is a necessity for every founder. Why should they dedicate one full founder to scout for funds? Is it that difficult?


Mr. H K MittalFormer Programme Head of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Tech. Commercialisation at DST GOI.
Mr. Priyank GargAngel Investor, President at Tapas Clean Energy LLP, Director at Advance Valves Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Vinod SoodCo-Founder & MD Hughes Systique Corporation, Angel Investor and Board Member at multiple startups

Our Team

We, at The Startup Board, set out to solve some of these problems and more. Our team is competent and complementary

Ashish JainCo-Founder, CEO
Shubham KumarCTO